Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII  v.4 2

The Ultimate Crafting Assistant is a program we wrote for crafting in Everquest II. This tool is pretty refined and will usually craft better than I can by hand.

Crafting Business  v.

Do you love making unique gifts and keepsakes with your hands? Have you had people ooh'ing and ahh'ing over your creations for years? Do you wish you had more time so that you could do more crafting and maybe make money doing it? If you can say yes


Crafting Guide  v.

Become a crafting expert in Age of Empires Online with the mobile Crafting Guide. Note: This is not a game. This strategy app supports your experience in the Age of Empires Online PC game. - View recipes and stats for all craft items. - Look up info

Horizons Crafting Calculator  v.2 30

HCC is a Windows Application for the Fantasy MMORPG game Horizons a.k.a. Istaria which allows it's Players to browse through the huge ingame item/formula, technique and components database, create orders as well as manage a crafter profile.

Skyrim Crafting Recipes  v.

A handheld reference guide app for Skyrim : Elder Scrolls V and Windows Phone 7 that has info and recipes on over 102 alchemy potions with 55 different effects, made out of 111 possible ingredients,

MPV's Motion 5 201 - Crafting Final Cut FX Templates  v.1.0

Did you know that Motion 5 is Final Cut Pro X’s special effects farm?

Icons-Land Vista Style Transport Icon Set

Icon developing takes much time for designing and crafting, and brings high explicit costs. With Vista Style Transport Icon Set we are simplifying this lengthy process for you and propose 35 ready transport objects icons of outstanding quality. Each mode

CyanoBot  v.

CyanoBot is an advanced gaming bot for the Archlord MMORPG featuring autonomous fighting, looting, crafting, teleporting, and item trading capabilities.

ColorUp! Wedding Scrapbook  v.1 2

Fiona is a fledgling photographer who just finished crafting an amazing wedding scrapbook for her lifelong best friend, Gwen. But somebody broke into her studio and trashed all the original snapshots!

Global Agenda  v.

Crafting in Global Agenda allows players to create items from materials gathered during PVE (Player vs. Environment) missions or while exploring the Sonoran Desert Zone. These items range from pets to cargo ships.

Desktop Sales Office 8.1.1003  v.8. 1. 2001

Sales professionals and sales teams sell smarter and win more by mastering contacts, deals, campaigns, appointments, and tasks within a framework built from the ground up for selling: Desktop Sales Office. Plan and prepare by crafting your messages,

Minecrafter Free  v.

Minecrafter is your interactive Minecraft companion (and a Minecraft Soundboard)! Every item, block, monster, and crafting pattern is described in an easily navigated, interactive interface. UPDATED FOR MINECRAFT 1.8.1 -- Includes all the new mobs,

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